Parent Testimonials: We Love our PS Speech SLP!


 “Wonderful Speech Pathologist!”

Melissa was my supervisor during my first community placement during graduate school. She served as a wonderful mentor for me and demonstrated how deeply she cares for her clients every step of the way. I also admire her close knit relationships to the parents she works with and how precisely she explains therapy techniques and activities to be practiced at home. Never short on creative ideas, Melissa utilized the tele-therapy format in ways I had never seen before. She was a pleasure to work with!
Gianna M., West Palm Beach, FL
I highly recommend Melissa and her team of therapists at PS Speech. As a colleague and friend I can truly say that she goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her patients. Melissa demonstrates the professional skills and current knowledge in our field necessary to develop and implement the best plan of care and therapeutic interventions for her clients. She is hardworking, dedicated, and reliable. Her enthusiastic personality is welcomed by her patients and their families she supports. Melissa has a way of putting a smile on the face of anyone who comes in contact with her. She is a tremendous asset to our field and would rise to any challenge. I strongly recommend PS Speech!
Maria M., Pembroke Pines, FL
As a fellow colleague and previous intern of Melissa’s, I would recommend her services to any family seeking speech and language services for their child. I have seen first hand how caring and knowledgeable she is in the field and the impact she has made in countless children’s lives!
Natalie M., Miramar, FL
Melissa has been my mentor, clinical supervisor, and now, proud to say, fellow speech-language pathologist for the past five years. I first began observing her in the school system in 2015 because I wanted more first-hand experience at what speech therapy in the schools really looked like. I remember thinking ‘wow, I want to be just like Melissa when I grow up!‘ She was extremely patient, caring, and knowledgeable in speech pathology. She helped me to build my resume and get my foot in the door so that I may eventually be accepted into a graduate program. During my graduate program, Melissa became my clinical supervisor during my last semester, where I worked under her supervision in the classroom in 2017. I learned so much from her every single day and the children truly loved her. Melissa truly cares about her client’s success and progress. She is creative with her sessions, extremely organized and very detail-oriented. She is always striving to better herself as a clinician and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I truly think of her as a role model and someone who is very special to me, as she helped me to launch my speech-language pathology career.
Chloe L., Orlando, FL
I had the opportunity to work alongside Melissa for my clinical practicum experience for graduate school. Melissa made doing teletherapy such a memorable learning experience for myself, her students and parents. Navigating teletherapy during a pandemic is nothing short of easy, but Melissa made this transition as seamless as possible. Her kids love working with her as she fosters an environment that encourages and supports them to grow and improve their speech & language skills in the most fun, supportive way. I feel so grateful to have been part of her team!
Shay F., Delray Beach, FL

My experience with PS Speech Therapy was so wonderful. Melissa provided me with so much helpful information that I used with my 18 month old daughter. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has helped make a difference in the development of my daughter’s speech for which I am so grateful! If you need any sort of speech therapy for your children I highly suggest you seek out Melissa!

Christina L. , Weston, FL
Words can not express how thankful we are for this program! For Mrs. Melissa and Miss Natalie. My daughter loves them and she is thriving. She feels comfortable and confident. They provide such a warm fun educational environment. My daughter looks forward to our online class. She has met new friends that struggle in the same areas. She loves to talk to her friends and learn at the same time. I have seen such progress, and for that my family will forever be greatful 💕💕💕
Ricardo L., Vero Beach, FL
Melissa Pierro is honestly one of the best speech language pathologists out there! As a fellow SLP and former coworker, I was able to see her strong work ethic, innovative therapy ideas, and dedication to seeing her clients succeed on a daily basis. She was the first person whom I called when my own son needed an evaluation. Because of her expertise, attention to detail, and comprehensive assessment, my son will qualify for the services that he needs. She is the best!!
Suzanne G., Speech Language Pathologist
Words cannot truly express how grateful my husband and I are to have had the opportunity to work with Melissa. When we started our sessions our daughter was six years old and desperately in need of speech therapy. Her speech was barely intelligible to those outside of our immediate family and her reading was struggling as a result. It was creating confidence issues as her friends and peers struggled to understand her. Week after week I watched as Melissa worked patiently alongside her. She always brought along fun games and activities. More importantly, she was able to instantly connect with my daughter. Even though speech therapy requires a great deal of repetition, my daughters (her sister has begun working with Melissa as well) have never grown bored with their sessions. In fact, on Thursdays they both wake up excited and anticipating their time with her. Melissa is abundantly kind, thoughtful, and fun; but she is also and incredibly talented and effective. My daughter’s speech and reading are flourishing. She has regained confidence in her ability to communicate. She has a newfound eagerness to volunteer to read aloud among her peers and to speak in front of a group. Family members and friends constantly comment how they can finally understand her. This was all made possible with Melissa’s hard work and dedication. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Michelle M., Southwest Ranches, FL
My daughter was referred to Melissa during her Kindergarten year and I could not be happier with the experience she has had. Melissa is professional, warm, caring, flexible, intelligent, and just a pleasure to work with. I am beyond thrilled with the progress my daughter has made in such a short period of time. My daughter asks me weekly when she gets to see Melissa again. She refuses to miss a week. Most importantly, during these unprecedented times of a worldwide pandemic, Melissa easily transitioned to telehealth services and while my daughter misses seeing Melissa in person, she’s thrilled to see her over the screen. I would be happy to refer anyone to work with her!
Rachel K., Davie, FL
Melissa has been amazing! I have been using her for my twin boys speech and they absolutely love working with her! Even with having to switch to teletherapy, my boys look forward to their lessons with her and have continued progressing! Highly recommended!
Alana B., Plantation, FL
I can’t say enough good things about Melissa Pierro. She works with my daughter to improve her reading and language skills, with great success. Melissa goes above and beyond to gather input from myself and her teachers, continuously provide feedback, and implement creative ways to not only teach her the basics, but the time management and organizational skills she’ll need going into middle school. My daughter has made significant strides academically and has a new level of enthusiasm that she most certainly didn’t have before. Melissa is a professional, as well as extremely kind, flexible, and patient. The best testimonial of all: My daughter truly looks forward to working with Melissa week after week.
Hilda A., Davie, FL
We love Melissa! She has been a god send. My daughter loves her. We saw a vast improvement in our daughters speech within a couple weeks. We would highly recommend Melissa and her services to anyone.
Meaghan S., Plantation, FL
Melissa is such a caring, warm, and nurturing person. Combined with her knowledge and strong background, it provides the key to a successful and strong speech pathologist. My son did not speak much before entering Melissa’s classroom. After spending a few weeks with her, his progress was tremendous. Not only was he speaking more, but he he was using the tools she provided him with to articulate his sounds and words. He’s always so excited to share the tools she has taught him with our family and he enjoys going to see her every day. I would not trust my sons progress with anyone else!
Julie R., Davie, FL
Ms. Melissa is absolutely wonderful! From our son’s first session with Melissa, she was professional, warm and fun-loving! Our son is always excited to attend speech therapy with her. We have seen many improvements with his speech in a short period of time all because of her. She provided our family with fun game ideas and numerous speech activities to reinforce what our son was learning. We highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a speech pathologist!
Erin S., Cooper City, FL
My husband and I are so thankful for Melissa! For the past year, our daughter has been thriving under her tutelage. We are so impressed with the speech work that comes home. We see how our daughter is learning through play and having fun. She loves going to speech each week and teaches us what she’s learned at home. Melissa’s warmth and gentleness was obvious from the moment we met her. Her daily presence has given us peace of mind every day our daughter enters her therapy room. She has touched my child’s life in the most positive way. For that, we will be forever grateful!
Jody L., Sunrise, FL
Mrs. Melissa has made such a significant difference in my sons education and speech abilities. We have seen the clarity of his speech improve substantially as well as his language and vocabulary skills. He absolutely loves attending her class and she is always open to discussing his progress. She provides to us ways we can continue to work with him at home such as games, tasks, and interactive assignments. Thank you Mrs. Melissa. You are AWESOME!
Christal D., Southwest Ranches, FL
Mrs. Melissa is a phenomenal Speech-Language Pathologist and I can’t say enough to recommend her! As a fellow SLP and colleague, I know how knowledgeable Mrs. Melissa is in her treatment approach and how invested she is in seeing her clients make progress. Mrs. Melissa treated my own daughter and helped improve her overall speech skills. My daughter LOVED going to see Mrs. Melissa twice every week and enjoyed practicing her speech sounds during therapy sessions. Mrs. Melissa always provided me with handouts and materials to practice with my daughter in order to promote carryover of her speech skills and generalization. She always made every session exciting and fun while targeting my daughter’s speech errors. Mrs. Melissa is the sweetest, warmest SLP and I thank her for all she has done to help boost my daughters confidence and articulation skills. She is wonderful!
Amy G., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ms. Melissa has been amazing in helping with my son’s social language growth and development. He looks forward to every session and that in itself has served as his reinforcement for learning. She has great intuition and takes every measure to accommodate to the child’s needs. My son will be entering fourth grade next year and she has been pivotal in helping him and helping me understand how to best get his thoughts on paper and enhance his writing. We are extremely grateful of Ms. Melissa’s work with our son.
Margaret O., Davie, FL

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